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The polyhedric artist Cinzia Platania was born in Castel Franco Veneto on February 19th 1972 and, since a child,was initiated in the figurative art by her mother, Mariagrazia Attaguile, known as Marzia, an artist who as a teenager had taught drawing from life and after getting the Brera Academy Diploma, became an oil-colours painter and later an engraving and experimental artist and an agent for two art galleries in Catania.

She was a child when her family moved to the volcano and baroque town of Catania. There she was introduced to the contemporary fine arts masters by her mother and devoted her time to drawing while attending to the "Spazio Verde" an innovating private school for children based on Bertolt Brecht no verbal communication.

Besides she often went to her uncle Paolo Montalbano's,  a sculptor and a painter who used the informal style and was in line with the American Abstract Expressionism. Under his influence, who in the eightieth had turned his interest to the use of paper, she entered the "Scuola d'Arte" di Catania and attended the "Advertising Graphic Department, her teacher was Nino Mustica, for five years getting good results in Graphic Art and photography. After school, she took part to the artistic life of the town and to extemporane exhibitions winning local competitions and getting the first orders, such as bassorilievi and paintings on different supports as wall and cloth. At the same time she concluded her artistic training in decoration getting a diploma and expanding her interest to new materials as glass. On the suggestion of her grand-father an avant-garde stylist trained in the U.S.A. in the first decades of the twentieth century she tested new tecniques on cloth.

Between the end of the eighties and the first years of the nineties Cinzia Platania started a graphic research on the line with engravings and incisions on paper coming to the end to a personal abstract stylistic feature made by hand torn paper that was characteristic of her work in the following years. She was interested in materials and moved among stone, terracotta, glass, cloth finishing with torn ruined by rust and rain paper. When she moved to Trieste she got a degree in Formation Science and completed it in the field of Art therapy.

In her exhibitions she showed interest for the last themes: Truth, destiny between Life and Death and Decay, Time, the search of happiness: hers is a multisensorial approach. Cinzia Platania conceived art with its expressive code functional to the communication of contents concerning the absolute. In her art we find abstractism on a palette of brilliant and saturated colours enriched by fluorescent shades alternating to the gamut of grey: anthracite, grey-green basalt, lava.

In the first decade of the twenty-first century she learned oil painting by herself and dedicated to the portraiture preferring faces and animals.

Now she continues her research on the essence of things improving her oil technique working on larger supports but investigating also the real through photographic lens paying attention to the phenomena of decay, dissolution and degradation of the matter. Very effective her works enriched by the heightening of iridescent thecnique inserts and wires and the use of impalpable cloth among which there is organdie for its transparency effects referring atmospheric phenomena and the intimate and unconscious universe.

Last exhibitions show an eccletique structured personality and put in light the versatility and the plastic dowry that give to the contribute of this artist a far-reaching dimension, a suggestive, seductive visual code.

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